A Long Day


I’m so tired today that I don’t know what to write. Let me just tell you what happened today. I slept around 8 in the morning then I woke up 1pm. When I checked my cellphone, there were 5 messages and 2 missed calls. My aunt was asking if I can cover the Philippine Fashion Week. My cousin is one of the models on the said event. Anyway, to make the story short, I was already in SMX around 5:30. The event started 6pm. Here are some of my cousins photo:

After the Philippine Fashion Week, I went straight to Dare to be Fit n’ Right Bloggers event at Taste Asia. The event was great and we learned a new fit workout from Coach Saret. Coach Jim Saret says you don’t need to go to the gym to be fit, then he shared some weight loss program. I’ll make a different post for that event.

Anyway, it’s already 12:48am and I’m really tired. It’s time to sleep now. I have another event tomorrow morning.

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  1. wow bilis magcomment. kakapost ko lng mommy ah. =)

    I’ll share the work out next time, gagawa ako bagong post for that.

    thanks for the visit =)

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