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Did you know that you can access your home computer anywhere? Yes, and you can do more than just access your files. There are several tools that allow you full access and remote control of your computer over the Internet. If you have access to a computer with Internet access, you can log in to your home or office computer using a web browser. You can view the desktop and use the mouse or keyboard to launch programs, open files or play a game. It’s just as if you were sitting in front of the remote computer.

Experts have always preferred remote desktop management because of its various advantages. Even technicians offer remote technical assistance.

Remote access is fast being a necessity for many businesses and organizations both large and small. Let’s put this in simple words. Have you ever had trouble with your computer and you simply cannot explain to another person on the telephone? If so, remote computer support could be the answer.

Remote desktop assistance is troubleshooting common computer errors online via remote desktop connection which works by logging in to the remote PC with the user name and password. These services are extremely cost effective. These repairs are popular as technical support, online computer help, and on site technical support. With an increase in online resources, there are many companies to get exclusive remote support at competitive prices.

Techinline Remote Desktop is one of the known affordable support that offers remote technical assistance. It enables instant, secure, and trouble-free connections between remote PCs over the web and to any point on the globe.

Wondering about the connection proccess? Don’t worry, it is so easy.

1. Open Techinline session
Log into your Techinline account at
2. Invite a remote user
The user goes to, where he/she receives a 6-digit number (Client ID)
3. Connect remote user to session
Enter the Client ID obtained from the remote user into the corresponding field.

Now, you are ready to view or control the remote user’s desktop, transfer files, exchange text messages, or share your desktop with the remote party. Easy right? You don’t have to install/download anything for a remote connection to take place.


Using Techinline Remote Desktop, you can  share your own desktop with the remote party outside  of the IT industry. These kinds of services are also being used for a variety of other tasks such as video conferencing, web meetings, webinars, and web conferencing. Thanks to the technology using a remote control program, your meetings can be interactive and even allow someone else to take the meeting over from across the world. This is perfect for those who have speakers that are in another location or presentations to give.

Here are the key features of Techinline:

Fully Customizable
Drag and Drop File Transfer
Multi-Monitor Support
Totally Attended Connection Process
Clipboard Transfer
2-Way Desktop Sharing and Control
Session Reporting
Windows Vista UAC Support

Did I mention that Techinline is very affordable? They have “pay as you go” Per-Session plan enables customers to pay for the number of times that the service is used.

Still undecided? Why not try Techinlinre Remote Desktop for free. You can get a fully-featured 15-day trial of the latest version of the Techinline service now by visiting their main website.

Techinline Remote Desktop is the new solution to all of your computer needs. Take advantage of all of the possibilities available.

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