Just Trial For Students

During school days, I have witnessed a number of my school mates being involved in numerous unlawful activities and some of them were even charged for those acts and sentenced for school expulsion. What I don’t understand was that, most of my schoolmates were not given appropriate hearing before they were kicked out, or so I think. What’s more is that, I haven’t even seen a lawyer with them during supposed to be hearing. How did I know all of these? Simply because I was a former student officer during my school days and naturally, I know these things.

Anyway, I have learned that in California, when a student has violated their school’s or university’s rules and regulations, they undergo expulsion hearing with their lawyer’s accompanying them. When a student commits a crime, he or she cannot be suspended or expelled unless it was proven that he/she has violated the California Education Code 48900.

In order for the student to receive appropriate and just hearing, he/she needs to be guided by his or her lawyer in order for him/her to defend himself properly. In this way, the student will be guaranteed of fair trial and just sanctions for his violation/s.

By observing this simple rule, no one’s right will be violated and everybody will be given fair treatment.

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