Deputy Chief Terry Hara proclaimed its full support by the Japanese American Citizens League to be the new Chief of Police for the Los Angeles Police Department.

The Vice President of the league , Kitty Sankey, said that Deputy Chief Hara has what it takes when experience and skills are the main criteria. As he is the first police officer to be deputized in his present position, he certainly qualifies to be the chief of LAPD.

What makes him more eligible for the talked about spot is his background as the Employee Relations Administrator (ERA)for the Chief of Police. This clearly signifies that he knows what responsibilities will lie on his shoulders should he be given a chance. During his work as ERA, he was involved in various tasks such as investigation, as well as, resolving matters which involve grievances; also, he is responsible for recommending to the Chief of Police the request for administrative transfer after he thoroughly reviewed that particular request.

As for his educational background, Deputy Chief Terry Hara is a graduate of National University, who took up BS in Criminal Justice. In addition, he has also studied at California State University, Long Beach, Department of Criminal Justice, and the University of California Los Angeles Graduate School of Education and Information Sciences and School of Public Policy and Social Research. Aside from that, he likewise graduated the Senior Management Institute for Police Program from the Police Executive Research Forum at Boston University, as well as, the FBI Explosives Unit-Bomb Data Center Hazardous Devices School, Executive Management Course, and attended the West Point Leadership and Command Program.

Armed with this capacities and capabilities, he truly deserves to be promoted as the Chief of Police Officer.

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