My Unforgettable Palawan Trip

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My all expense-paid-trip (my Awesome Philippines prize) to Palawan was very memorable and full of fun since me and my husband are together. It was just like our second honeymoon. The free trip lasted for three days and two nights, and we were scheduled to leave Manila on the morning of Friday, August 19, 2009. We arrived at Puerto Princesa Airport around 9:30 in the morning and Mang Monching, the driver of the hotel, was there waiting to fetch and drive us to The Legend Palawan, the hotel where we were arranged to stay.

During the fifteen-minute drive from airport to the hotel, I had the chance to look around. One thing I noticed with the place is that, the city was very clean as I haven’t seen any trash scattered on the roadside. If only the people in Manila can be as disciplined as the people in Palawan, waste disposal would never be a problem. Also, I seldom notice other types of vehicles there aside from tricycles and vans, their major mode of transportation.

Anyway, when we were about to check in at the hotel, we were surprised to find out that my husband and I were reserved on different rooms, but since the agency had already arranged for it, it can never be cancelled, but still we stayed in one room. After we have unpacked, we ate our lunch and excitedly had our first trip to Honda Bay, also known as “The Last Frontier”. It is where most exclusive resorts in the country can be found. We were fascinated by several islets of the place that we can’t help ourselves but dive, swim, snorkel and do some fish feeding. The experience was really amazing. We visited the famous curvaceous tongue shape islet, called the Snake island – called such due to its shape, which has a white sand beach known for the large and lovely shells it has. The enormous number of fish present in the island makes food feasting a favorite activity there.

Another island that we visited at Honda Bay was the Pandan Island. This place is unique than the others due to the presence of different huts, cottages and hammocks, where one can relax and unwind. Snorkeling is also a great experience here as colorful fishes swim with you underwater. There are other islands worth visiting when you’re at the Honda Bay, like the Cannon (Cowrie) Island, Bat Island, Lu-Ii Island, Meara Marina, Starfish and Senorita Island. At the end of our first day, we were very exhausted but felt a different kind of bliss.

The next day, we visited the world’s famous 8.2 kilometers-navigable Underground River, which was approximately two-hour driving from Puerto Princesa to Sabang Wharf. We only experienced few rough roads along the way. From there, we took a motor boat then a 10-minute walk going to the cave. On our way to the cave, there were many mosquitoes, I’m just glad I “showered” the Off Lotion – mosquito repellant (lol).


My husband and I were very thrilled to enter the river. Inside, there were many bats, we saw stalagmites and stalactites of various sizes and shapes.  My favorite part of the cave is the the Cathedral where we saw figures like angels, the 3 kings, the giant candle and a lot more – your imagination is the only limit.



Then, after that fun-filled trip inside the Underground River, me and my hubby decided to buy “pasalubongs” (presents) like dried fish, cashew nuts, pearls, shirts and other memorabilia. Then we stayed at the Bay walk to spend a romantic sunset together. There we ate street foods like kikiam and fishballs- a typical way for love birds to watch the sunset.

The next day was the saddest part of the trip as we were scheduled to left early due to our early flight schedule from Palawan to Manila. It was sad as we never get the chance to visit the Crocodile Farm and other tourist’s destinations in Palawan, but nevertheless, the whole experience is unforgettable.

And how can I forget?! As we brought two cameras during the trip and collected more or less a thousand shots…

Thanks Philippine Department of Tourism and Media Contacts Philippines for this unforgettable Palawan trip

>>>Palawan Day 1 Photos <<<

>>>Palawan Day 2 Photos <<<

More photos to come….

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  1. Sweet! Palawan is my dream destination too. Grabe, I should stop visiting your site because ngayon pa lang, butas na ang bulsa ko. Hehehe Ang ganda ng palawan and you are lucky for the free trip. I want one too kaso I don’t think I have even won any contest.

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