Heal The World: A Positive Photo Blog Contest

I think about the generations
and they say they want to make it
a better place for our children and our children’s children
so that they they they know it’s a better world for them
and I think they can make it a better place

Familiar? These few lines are from the song Heal the World by the man behind the mirror who opened our hearts to a new perspective, Michael Jackson.

Along with We Are The World, Heal The World inspired and defined a generation and opened our eyes to equality, love, human rights and world peace. These songs make us realize that we are all children of the earth and we are all the same regardless of  nationality.

In line to this, Framed In Sunlight is holding a contest called Positive Photo Blog Contest.  And here’s my entry:



Seeing these photos made me realize that though the world is a fragile place, we made sure that these kids have a safe place where they can freely play.

As Michael Jackson said, “Heal the world. Make it a better place.”

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