Too many cinemas have claimed that they are the ultimate or the best. But once you feel the Eastwood Mall Cinema experience, you’ll realize that this one is really is “IT.”

The experience starts right at the entrance of the Eastwood Mall itself. At the drop off point, you can immediately inquire about movie schedules from the Concierge at the mall’s ground level. Their butler service really does its job, as they can reserve seats for you right away, saving you the trouble to rush up to the cinema level to get seats on your desired movie schedule.

The thrill continues as you step at the private cinema lobby of the Ultra 7 Cinema. A lot of things may have been written about this much-talked about theater, yet you can never really understand how special it is unless you see it first hand.

As mentioned earlier, the cinema has that a hip and upscale club-like ambience, where guests can comfortably hang out. While you wait the next screening at the lounge, butlers already start approaching guests to ask what food and drinks they want. If you haven’t heard yet, Ultra 7 Cinema tickets already comes with bottomless drinks and refillable popcorn. You can even choose the flavor of popcorn and the kind beverage you want. The food will be delivered to your seats by your own personal butler, before or right at the start of the movie.

But if you arrive at the theater just in time for the screening, and you weren’t able hang out at the lobby, don’t fret. Butlers will be approaching you to ask for your orders. If you think they must have missed you, just raise your hand and surely, a butler will approach you to take your orders. Same goes when you want a refill with your popcorn or drinks already. Just raise your hand, and a butler will surely be there to assist.

Sure, the refillable everything is superb. But what really separates—well actually, not separate—what really puts the Ultra 7 Cinema viewing to a whole new level are its first of its kind seats in the Philippines: the twin fully reclining seats. And fully reclining means you can actually lie on your back and put your feet up while watching your most favorite movie. There’s ample space between two pairs of seats from each other, that’s why this theater only at a 60-seating capacity.

So for Harry Potter fanatics other, imagine the how fun it would be as you watch Harry, Hermione, Ron, and the gang, battle it out with Voldemort and the Dementors lounging on your fully reclining cinema seat at the Ultra 7 Cinema.

You may also watch your favorite flick at the Eastwood Gold Cinemas 5 and 6 also at the cinema level of the Eastwood Mall. These two cinemas meanwhile have rocker seats, a more spacious leg room, and cool but elegant interiors. Both theaters are also equipped with state of the art digital surround system.

So the next time you plan to watch a movie, make sure to do it at the Eastwood Mall Cinemas. From the lounge, to the seats, up to the superb service, you’ll definitely say that the Eastwood Mall indeed has the best cinemas in town.

The Eastwood Ultra7 Cinema and Gold Cinema 5 and 6 are all located at the Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City, Quezon City. The new sleek multi-storey commercial complex is home to trendy and upscale shops, chef-driven fine dining restaurants, entertainment and leisure hubs, and world-class events. The Eastwood Mall is living proof how the Eastwood City commercial development had continuously grew and developed from the resto and shop rows of City Walk to this full mall development that is setting a whole new standard in the Philippine lifestyle landscape.

For ticket reservations, call 687-6963. For further inquiries, call the Eastwood Mall Concierge at 709-1893.

My Ultra 7 Experience

Ms. Tinay Magtira of Eastwood City invited some bloggers to try new Eastwood Mall’s Cinema Ultra 7! We watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

However, this is not the first time my husband and I watched a movie in Ultra 7. We also saw Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen last month.

Watching movie in Eastwood Cinema Ultra 7 was great. The cinema is spacious. For P400 each, you can enjoy a movie while sitting in their purple lazy boy’s reclining chair plus unlimited drinks and popcorn (plain, cheese and barbeque-my favorite)!

Hands down to Ultra 7 crews for superb service. Just raise your hands and they will come to you. It’s like having a butler in a movie house.

For me, Eastwood Mall’s Cinema Ultra 7 is the best cinema ever.

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