Before I became a blogger, I used to have an online business. During that time, I sell soaps, creams, lotion and perfume.

My online business wasn’t successful without the help of email tracking service. And to be successful in online business, first you have to choose your email marketing campaigns. You will have to decide in choosing software for your email campaigns will be whether you want to use free or fee based software.

Also, I used email tracking service so I can track if my email are read or not. Point of Mail offers this kind of service. It is an email tracking service that can show proof of receipt and reading service for email.

With pointofmail you know and have documented proof when email you’ve sent gets read, where it was opened, and for how long it was viewed!

Also can also track your attachments. It offers full tracking that you will be notified if where and when your Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other Microsoft documents are opened. email tracking service is easy-to-use, easy to understand and easy on the pocket. They offer different payment package:

3 Month Premium Membership for $14.99/3 months
1 Year Premium Membership for $34.99/year
Bundle — Premium Membership + 100 SMS for $44.99/Year

They accept payment via credit card, bank account or electronic check using or

With the use of the right program or services, email marketing can be useful only if done right.

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