My Cousin's Ski Experience

I’m singing “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”

You might be wondering why I’m singing this. Blame my cousin for showing me her pictures while skiing. She asks me to check all the pictures from wearing her ski to her first fall in the snow (which is very funny).

I’ve been living in a tropical country all my life, and sometimes I wonder how does it feel like walking on a snow or do skiing. And I miss my cousin so much, so I let her do the talking.

She mentioned something about Vail Ski Rentals where she gets her gears. She said when I visit her, we will try the ski rentals. All had to do was make a booking online. Then a Ski Butler will deliver it to you wirh extra boot sizes to ensure a perfect fit. “I was like a princess”, my cousin shared to as she was very satisfied with the service of the Ski Butler.  She had a problem with the gear when she was in the mountain, and just call away, the cute (as she says) Ski Butler met her back in her lodge.

Anyway, that was her first time to skii.  And based on her story she had fun though she fell on the snow 5 times.  I wish I can try skiing too.

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