Let Your Ears Decide: The Philips GoGear MP3 Player is a tough choice to beat

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You can tell when people are really into music by the way they listen. You’ve probably seen them on the train, in the park, or seated in coffee houses—people who’ve been transported, oblivious to the world around them save for the sounds only they can hear. They sit with their eyes closed, headphones to their ears, their heads nodding in a steady rhythm, lips softly mouthing the lyrics to the songs playing on their music players. In those moments, there’s only you, your music player, and a song.

The new line of GoGear media players are made for those kinds of moments. If you are any kind of music fan, you will know the importance of having a portable MP3 player to keep you company as you move through the day. And if you do have one, the question remains— ‘does the quality of your favorite music go with you, or is the full sound experience left at home?’

Letting your ears decide

Other MP3 players were created with a promise of superior sound quality in the palm of your hands. That’s great and all, but how many of them actually go beyond these proclamations and back it up with something that not only lives up to expectations, but exceeds it further than you can imagine?

The Philips Go Gear with FullSound was created with exactly that in mind. It’s not so much as making promises but actually delivering on it. That’s precisely what the Philips GoGear does. It delivers.

Its sleek and stylish interface makes it a fashion accessory in itself. But most importantly, it’s got all the features you’ll ever want from a portable MP3 player. The GoGear offers an intuitive user interface for fast and easy navigation, which you can also customize. As you discover new favorites and get bored of old ones, you can easily browse your music library and still control your music playback, thereby making every listening moment a new experience.

What’s more, the new GoGear combines Philips’ renowned expertise in music reproduction with the power of new generation technology. The new FullSound technology restores the sonic details that music compression loses. It enriches the music signal, so what you hear is the full sound— with every nuance of emotion and every detail of musical genius put back where it belongs.

If you’re still clamoring for more, then here’s an extra treat. The Philips GoGear MP3 Player also comes with its own specialized earphones, specifically made to complement the experience of the FullSound technology. These earphones are tailor-made to follow the curvature of the human ear and it’s ergonomically suited to drown out every sound that isn’t coming from the MP3 player.

The best part of having a Philips GoGear MP3 Player is the freedom it gives you. Whether you’re in a coffeeshop or backpacking across Western Europe, the only form of company you’ll ever need is the Philips GoGear MP3 Player.
In this day and age of technological one-upmanship, there have been a lot of MP3 players that have promised the world to its consumers but have failed to deliver. For Philips, promising is out of the question. As a matter of fact, it sticks by the motto of ‘letting your ears decide’.

And once you do let your ears decide, you’ll surely become that guy in the coffee shop lost in the GoGear experience, and the rest of the world will become the guy at the other table wishing they had one for themselves.

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