K alliance offers ProTech Diagnostics

I spent almost half of my day fixing my laptop. It’s hard for me because I only have a little knowledge in computer hardware. I even asked my online friends to help me.

Good thing, my husband came home early and helped me with my laptop. He took Information Technology course that’s why he’s familiar or knowledgeable in this kind of stuff.

But he mentioned that he want to still continue studying and expounding his learning about technology. Though he don’t have time to back to school, he know a site called K Alliance. He mentioned that he can get online training videos in k alliance.

K Alliance offers computer based training (CBT) and online computer training videos. And recently, k alliance acquired ProTech diagnostic for its computer hardware diagnostic tools. ProTech Diagnostics offers the PC repair and data recovery software that allows those who master it become so capable in troubleshooting and repairing computer hardware.Through Pro Tech Diagnostic, it will allow any individual to repair there own computer- it offers PC Diagnostics and Data Recovery software training.

This is very interesting. I think my husband will succeed in convincing me to take the k alliance training too. What do you think?

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