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Firefalldown, a Filipino-British band based in London, DRIVEN by a passion to INSPIRE people through music.

The members: Jon Blaylock (vocals/guitar), Joel Sablayan (bassist) and Andrew Hodgson (drummer). Blaylock and Sablayan are both Filipinos.

Influenced by a slew of artists and musical genres, the London-based threepiece band continues to be inflamed by a passion to reach people through music.

“We write songs to encourage listeners to make a difference by living out their God-given dreams. Now, you have a chance to join and inspire others! Share your thoughts with the world by creating a blog entry about the band’s music, how it connects with your life, and how you have been inspired! ”


1. Write, in your blogs or social-networking site (facebook, friendster, multiply etc.), about how Firefalldown’s music connects with your life. Include pictures that best encapsulates the experience;

2. Link the word ‘firefalldown promo’ to the URL ( in your blog.

3. And send us the URL of your submitted blog entry at

Submission of entries is until July 31, 2009. The Lucky winner gets a brand new iTouch and a signed CD from the band.

Join the firefalldown inspire promo and keep visiting for more information and updates about the band, their music and the promo!

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