Sony’s E3 Press Conference: Just as Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360 was the blow-out announcement of last year’s show, Sony reveals the Final Fantasy 14 title will be an exclusive PS3 game, coming 2010

Watch Final Fantasy 14 preview video below

Sony’s Jack Tretton has revealed the existence of the next iteration of Final Fantasy – and has confirmed that it will remain an exclusive title for Sony.

Some saw a brief video of Final Fantasy XIV at the Sony keynote, however Square Enix has not released details about Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV appears to take place in medieval times including Chocobos and airships, similar to the setting in Final Fantasy XII.

FFXIV will, somehow, be released in 2010.

As of Final Fantasy XIII, During Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Square-Enix showed off Final Fantasy XIII running on Xbox 360 hardware.

Also during the E3 press conference, Sony reveals new motion controller.  After Microsoft announced their Project Natal yesterday.

There are more to expect with Sony like God of War 3, Rockstar PS3 Project, The Last Guardian, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, the new Resident Evil, PSP Go, Gran Turismo 5, Mod Nation Racer, Assassin’s Creed 2 and more

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