Customized USB Flash Drives Good For Business

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Many people, especially oldies, are confused by all the different terms associated with computer technology, especially since the vocabulary expands daily. One good example is the flash drive. My mom is confused between the flash drive and the thumb drive. If you are wondering what a USB flash drive is (like my mom), it is easier to understand as a memory stick. The flash drive is also known as a thumb drive and this is only because of its size, which is about the size of your thumb. USB flash drives are also known as “chip sticks”, “thumb drives”, “pen drives”, and “USB keys”.

Many people choose to use the flash drives because they are so reliable, durable, and compact. Flash drives are more than just convenient storage media. They are considered to be one of the most popular storage devices on the market.

Did you know that IBM was the one who introduced the flash drive to the public during 1998. Flash drive received instant popularity as you can take them anywhere, on your key ring, in your wallet, or in your pocket. Unlike most of the CDs, flash drives are rewritable plus you can keep all of the memory stored without a power supply.

If you tired of the same old boring USB drives then why take take a look at the world of custom flash drive. It is now possible to order your very own USB drive in any shape, any color or any design you like. is one of the web retailers that offers custom flash drives in any color and any material you can think of. For as low as $3.95, you can have your own custom USB drive. These customized USB Flash Drives are perfect for marketing campaigns, holiday gifts, executive gifts, giveaways, promotional items and more. If you are looking for a new and exciting way to promote your business this is a great choice. offer more than just corporate and company logos printed on a USB flash drive – they offer complete outside of the box customizations. “You dream it we can build it” is their motto.

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