Carbonite Online Backup

Earlier my blogs were down for almost three hours. I was so scared that I might lose all the contents. So I decided to check some troubleshooting steps, however instead on looking for a solution for my blog problem. I ended reading some great articles about backing up your files in your computer.

One article mentioned about Carbonite. Carbonite is an online backup solution that provides unlimited online backup and offers off-site backup to remote servers.

Carbonite protects you from accidental deletion, theft, disaster and driver failure. Like most other similar softwares, it allows you to directly access backed up content through Carbonite Backup Drive which you can access from Windows Explorer just like any other hard disk partition.

What I like about Carbonite is that they have their own twitter account. You can see their updates and even customer feedback.

Anyway, about my site, obviously it is up again. I just contacted my hosting support center. It was a bit inconvenient having my blog down for three hours but I’m glad I learned something new about backing up my files.

If your data or file is your life, and if you’re not backing it up regularly, you’re dealing with disaster. So backup your entire computer to save for the worst.

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