U2 : The NU Declaration

From pyramids to molded mountains, it has been a global custom for the human race to go the distance to express their honorary sentiments for the beings and people that deserve their utmost respect. Encompassing their long line of hits, albums, sold out shows and accolades, it is high time for U2 to have their mark in the land of the rising sun.

There is no better place to do this than on the walls of the hub that houses the greatest rock hits that did not only infiltrate a cluster of those who cater to this genre, it also created a whole new lifestyle that molded followers into leaders and discovered the greatest rock acts of our time

U2 declared The Home of NU Rock as the official site of U2! In line with U2’s newest album, No Line on the Horizon, the royal, black-blooded icons of rock music came together as they unveiled the magnificent and most innovative expression of commemoration the Filipino rock industry has ever seen.

Yesterday, May 7, 2009, 9:00 p.m. at NU Rock 107 FM station along Emerald, MCA Music Inc. together with SMART, NU Rock 107, Jim Beam and Papaya Grillery located in Ortigas, Trinoma and Glorietta held the U2: The NU Declaration! A legendary gathering of the biggest names in the rock industry – the band members, influencers, and head honcho’s of rock groups. All of them came together in a night of music, rock culture and drinking, all in honor of the rocking foursome in the persona of Bono, Edge, Larry and AdamU2!

During this rock event, they formally announced the newest single of U2 from No Line on the Horizon, Magnificent. The song veers from the out of the box efforts placed on Get On Your Boots. It starts off with a catchy entrance that inspires feelings of anticipation to the highest level that by the time it hits the chorus, the listener wakes up to an ambient worthy tune, reflective and nostalgic of the original sound that U2 has been known for over the years.

U2: THE NU DECLARATION is brought to you by MCA Music, NU Rock 107, SMART, Jim Beam and TGIF. The new album of U2, No Line on the Horizon is available in Odyssey, Astrovision, and in all formats in Music One and Fullybooked stores. Text U2 to 234 and get menu of U2 downloads. P2.50 per text. Also visit wapsite m.smart.com.ph/U2 for everything U2! All downloads available exclusively for SMART subscribers only. The new album of U2, No Line on the Horizon, brought to you by MCA Music Inc.

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