A new world calls across the ocean. A new world calls across the sky. A new world whispers in the shadow. Time to fly. Time to fly.” That is my favorite line in the Off-Broadway Musical Songs for a New World.

I watched 9Works Theatrical’s premiere presentation Songs for a New World held last April 30 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium at RCBC Plaza.

Songs for a New World is a work of musical theater written and composed by Jason Robert Brown. Directed by Robbie Guevara who brought us Repertory Philippines’ Fiddler on the Roof, A Christmas Carol, and Gaybirds,  “ Songs For A New World ” presents life as the way we regroup and figure out how to survive in a new set of circumstances – a new world – even against seemingly overwhelming odds. These are songs about that new world, a world in which the definitions of family, distance, money, technology, the very nature of human contact is changing everyday, a world in which the rules don’t apply as often as they do, a world in which the solutions our parents found don’t work for us, and a world in which today’s answers probably won’t apply tomorrow.

Songs For A New World ” is a brainchild of Tony-Award winning American Musical Theater lyricist and composer Jason Robert Brown. He has been hailed as “one of Broadway’s smartest and most sophisticated songwriters since Stephen Sondheim” (Philadelphia Inquirer); and The New York Times actually refers to Jason as “a leading member of a new generation of composers who embody high hopes for the American musical”.

The stage is very simple. It has 3 platforms. Less props. Great blocking. The design of the stage makes you concentrate more on the story.

“ Songs For A New World ” features a handful of the country’s most talented theater actors. The cast consists of Felix Rivera, Caisa Borromeo, Anna Santamaria, Harold Cruz, Carla Guevara – Laforteza and Ms. Pinky Marquez.  As I expected, the actors were great.

This is the first time I saw them on stage. And wow, they are really amazing. All of them have powerful voices especially Felix Rivera. During the press night, there was a slight technical failure and Felix Rivera’s mic was not working. But it didn’t stop him from singing and without a mic, his voice, still, can be heard in the entire auditorium.

Also, you wouldn’t want to the part of miss Ms. Pinky Marquez. So watch out for it.

I really enjoy watching Songs For A New World. You can still catch it on May 9 ( 8:00 p.m. ) and May 10 ( 3:30 p.m. ).

Songs For A New World ” is presented by 9 Works Theatrical and its media partners: Manila Bulletin, Focus Media, Lifestyle Network, SIP Magazine, Circuit Magazine, 24/7 Magazine, ClickTheCity and www.psep-online.com.

For tickets and inquiries, call 9 Works Theatrical at 557-5860 / 0906-331-5961 or visit www.9workstheatrical.com, or call TicketWorld at tel. 891-9999 or visit www.ticketworld.com.ph.

Congratulations to Mr. Robbie Guevarra (Director), Santi Santamaria and 9Works Theatrical for a successful show.

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