05/15/09: Prison Break Series Finale


After four years of twists, and turns, Prison Break series comes to a close with of course twists and turns.

Episode Synopsis: PRISON BREAK “Rate of Exchange / Killing Your Number” (Season 4 Episode 21 – 22) – In the series finale, familiar faces return to help Michael with his last shot at getting Scylla in the proper hands and dismantling The Company once and for all in the “Rate of Exchange/Killing Your Number” two-hour series finale episode of PRISON BREAK aired Friday, May 15 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Cast: Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows; Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield; Michael Rapaport as Don Self; Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre; Robert Knepper as Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell; Sarah Wayne Callies as Dr. Sara Tancredi; William Fichtner as Alexander Mahone

Guest Cast: Kathleen Quinlan as Christina Scofield; Rockmond Dunbar as Benjamin ‘C-Note’ Franklin; Leon Russom as General Jonathan Krantz/Pad Man; Ted King as Downey; Raphael Sbarge as Ralph Becker; William Mapother as Agent Chris Franco; Reno Wilson as Agent Wilson Wright; Danay Garcia as Sofia; Barbara Eve Harris as Felicia Lang; Jennifer Kern as Allison Hale; Andrew Borba as Dr. Peter Chaffin; Anthony Armatrading as Soloman Okella

Thank you Paul Scheuring, Matt Olmstead and the rest of the crew. It was one super roller coaster of a ride.

In Rate of Exchange
Michael must choose once and for all between saving Sara’s life or saving Linc’s. Sucre helps C-Note and Kellerman locate Michael so that they can finally be free. Lincoln learns that he and Michael are not really brothers and Michael learns that Sara is pregnant.

In Killing Your Number
Michael and Lincoln face off with Christina and The General in the final stand for freedom. Christina is killed by Sara while Kellerman, Sucre, and C-Note come to the rescue just before the General can kill the brothers. Scylla is then handed over to the authorities and everyone is able to live normal lives. Michael and Sara are walking on the beach where Michael’s nose then begins to bleed again. In the end, everyone is shown living there lives 4 years later. Mahone has begun a relationship with his old partner, T-Bag is back in Fox River, and Kellerman has become the Senator. The final scene shows Lincoln, Sucre, Mahone, Sara, and Michael Jr. (her and Michaels child) at Michael’s grave where it is revealed that he had died sometime earlier. Everyone walks away ending the series.

Two additional episodes were produced; these take place after the events in the series finale, and are intended to wrap up “loose ends”. These will be released on DVD as a straight-to-video movie release titled “Prison Break: The Final Break”

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the US DVD and Blu-ray Disc release of Prison Break: The Final Break on 21st July 2009. The last two episodes of Prison Break will be presented as a feature-length story exclusively on DVD and Blu-ray Disc and they see the story pick up some time after the broadcast series final.

The episodes are titled “The Old Ball And Chain” and “Free”.

Update: Somebody asked me How did Michael die in Prisonbreak?
Michael still had the tumor. Notice that when Micheal and Sara were walking on the beach, Sara took the tissue out of his pocket since he was having another nose bleed. You could tell in the look of both of their faces that they knew and he wasn’t going to make it. The tumor must of killed him later in the year. That’s my wild guess.

But the DVD will come out with an extra two episodes of what happened in the past four years plus a movie that comes out in summer so this probably explains what happened.

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  1. I can’t believe after watching this show from beginning to end, all the agonizing, and I am left feeling horrible. Michael deserved a happy ending. I certainly will not be purchasing the DVD movie planned for release in July. I am too upset to waste any more time on a program that ended so disappointingly.

  2. arrgggghhhh!!!! no more MiSa?! WTF?!!! Michael and Sara not happily ever after?!! T-Bag should have been killed off….man those writers jerked me for four years! It’s like the OC all over again Ryan and Marissa didn’t end up together at the end. F*U FOX! I could have been watching___________!

  3. what a stupid ending after all these years of watching prison break they have to kill amazing w.miler charecter michael scofield just why they do that….
    i mean common it’s the finale of great show it’s have to be happy at least for the brothers

  4. I think for such an amazin programme ending it this way was weak!! After watchin it for 4 years and micheal to be killed off at the end just seemed pointless, what was wrong with a happy ending for the brothers and even t-bag sure he was bad at the start but i liked him come the end, he made me laugh and i think he would have gone straight if he had been given that office job he longed for! Overall greatly dissapointed in FOX and the writters for ending it this way, i think they should have gone a different way with the last couple of epi’s and if FOX didnt llike it then they should have released more than 2 episodes on the dvd more like 6-7 which would have meant a decent ending that ties up any loose ends and gives us the fans the ending we would have liked to have seen!!!!!!! oh and as for a spin off i cant see it working!

  5. dears…….
    inever cried before like yesturday…..what the hell happened to this show why this happened after all……come on men please make him survived.
    i want M.S. live and i agreed to let michel insted of the general but not dead.
    am writing these words and crying. i love this shoe more than my self so am asking the writter and the god to make him live and be older and older with his heart sara.

  6. well, all series has its own way to end.. some suit happy ending n some suit sad ending for the main character.. i think prison break wouldn’t leave a deep impression if it went happy ending to all characters… must have at least one character been sacrificed to sad ending to get deep impression n touching moment..
    unfortunately they choose Michael T_T hiks

  7. People – it is a TV show and that was the last episode. Why does it matter if they live happily ever after together? It is just a story…

  8. I watched Prison Break for the past four years, and I am sad and disappointed that Michael died but overall I think it was a very good ending to the series.

  9. I really liked this end of PB, cuz it was a surprise and I like the surprises, Is too sad the end but is awsome, die for the others freedom.

  10. What a cruel and sad ending they chose for the series… Certainly life isn’t always fair, but considering how everyone else more or less got what they deserved, it’s a tragic injustice that Michael didn’t even get to see the birth of his son (judging from the date of his death).

    Seriously, a kinder ending for us who stayed loyal the series from the beginning wouldn’t have hurt. It didn’t need to be a happily ever after, just a little bit more joy for Michael after such an ordeal, like seeing his son be born and survive to see him walk and talk.

    And now on top of that they want to make this nonsensical movie about Sarah being put in jail and then broken out. Count me out.

  11. I couldn’t see any point in killing Michael off so suddenly (and off-screen). But I guess it made as much sense as the decision to bring Sara back, and some of the other peculiar ‘twists and turns’ over the last two seasons. All in all, the whole thing was an enjoyable romp, but one that out-lived it’s natural storyline by some distance.

    Personally I would have liked to have seen them all end up back in Fox River, with Michael sitting in his cell scribbling incomprehensible notes furiously on a sheet of paper and then smiling at the camera, preparing another break…

    Preposterous, but that was kind of the point of the entire show, wasn’t it?

  12. why why why made me so sad i mean killing him off so suddenly let him av at lest 1 year wif his kid i mean cum on

  13. they should have killed him earlier. for example after breaking out of fox river they should have killed him on electric chair or something like that or crucefy him.

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