Beer Below Zero: A Year COLDER!

Imagine frost wrapped around a beer bottle. The bottle’s chilled rim coming into contact with your sensitive lips and extremely cold beer oozing out from the bottle. Your dry throat feels the bite of that almost frozen beer.


Isn’t this something to look forward to after a hard day’s work and on those special weekend nights? There really is no other way to enjoy your beer than ice cold! This refreshing sensation is now made available with consistency until your last order.

Thanks to Beer Below Zero. Beer Below Zero or BBZ is a new freezing technology that turns your favorite after-hours beverage into the most seductive social lubricant: a paper-thin layer of frost wrapped around the slender bottle, wisps of cool air seeping out of the icy rim, the golden liquid within kept at a temperature just below freezing point.

Beer Below Zero isn’t another brand, but rather a creation that leases a new life to your all-time favorite beer. Whether the beer is local or imported, they can have it served to you in the best temperature that is below zero degrees, beyond freezing point.

Next time you drink, make sure to make it a pleasurable experience – demand that your beer be served at BELOW ZERO DEGREES.


Beer Below Zero: A Year COLDER!

The Philippine economy may be volatile, but beer connoisseurs and owners of Beer Below Zero (BBZ), – Luigi Nunez, Vinson Co Say and Jay-jay Angala remain remarkably – perhaps predictably – exuberant.

After all, Beer Below Zero, has been on an uptrend since they launched it May 16 of 2008. In a span of 11 months, the Beer Below Zero virus has spread to more than 80 outlets nationwide , making the name synonymous to a perfectly chilled beer……….served just above freezing point. Beer Below Zero is more than just simply chilling beers….it’s serving beers, below zero degrees Celsius!

Beer Below Zero is very unique in a way that it is the only one in the market offering this kind of Value Added Service (VAS) for F&B. The partners explain that it is not a new kind of beer but the technology and system of processing any kind of beer to make it reach the perfect temperature just before it freezes. The partners were unanimous in saying that the process may sound simple but it’s more complicated than what you expected.

Beer Below Zero has been through a lot in 11 months. Aside from its continuous expansion and penetration of outlets nationwide, Beer Below Zero was also commissioned by San Miguel Brewery for their Oktoberfest and Summer Babad projects. The partners were surprised and in awe when San Miguel trusted them with these big projects. The Oktoberfest launch was when BBZ was barely four months old. At least when San Miguel tapped their services for Summer Babad, BBZ was already an established brand.

To date, Beer Below Zero has not used any mainstream adverting to promote its brand. This was unexpected since Luigi is a veteran in the advertising business, having handled CNN, Cartoon Network, Time and Fortune for the past 12 years. Luigi explains, it’s not that we don’t want to get into mainstream advertising….the true reason is we don’t have enough budgets yet. We are lucky that people started to talk about us….the buzz marketing really helped us gain equity for the brand….just like a virus, it was viral and it just wouldn’t stop.

Vinson, who heads up operations, is dumbfounded when asked about the demand for the product. After 11 months and around 80 outlets nationwide, we still haven’t penetrated the other regions or markets where BBZ is still unavailable. We are faced with a very good problem where demand is greater than what we can supply. Easily we could have reached more than a hundred outlets, but for the group, consistency is still the key. Vinson and Jay-jay are working double time in terms of local expansion. Luigi is working on international markets where there is also a big demand for the product. It gives the group great pride in exploring international markets since foreigners have realized and appreciated the uniqueness of our product.

This is a Filipino technology and we’re proud to be part of it. –

Here are some of the photos during the Beer Below Zero 1st year anniversary party held at Greenmeadows Clubhouse:

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