05/17/2009 Desperate Housewives Season 5 Finale and Season 6 Spoilers


May 17, 2009 — Tonight’s Desperate Housewives is doubly exceptional. Of course, it’s the Season 5 Finale which probably leaves us with another cliffhanger for the next installment.

For the first hour, the episode titled “Everybody Says Don’t” takes the screen. “Everybody Says Don’t” is the twenty-third episode of the show’s fifth season.

Gabrielle (Eva Longoria Parker) is upset when Carlos’s (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) family stops for a visit and asks the Solises to take Carlos’s niece under their wing.

Lynette (Felicity Huffman) gets upset when Tom (Doug Savant) tells her about his latest “bright idea.” As blackmail hounds Bree (Marcia Cross) when Orson (Kyle MacLachlan) threatens her, Susan (Teri Hatcher) finally decides to accept Dave’s (Neal McDonough) “friendly” gesture.

Meanwhile, in the 111th episode (24th of season 5) of the ABC television series Desperate Housewives, “If It’s Only In Your Head”, Lynette adapts to Tom’s decision to go back to school, Orson takes a beating that Bree cannot comprehend. When Lynette finds out that she is pregnant, she decides to get an abortion. Carlos’s niece, Ana, moves into the Solis home, despite Gaby’s objection. Susan and M.J.’s lives are in grave danger at the hands of Dave and death comes once again to Wisteria Lane.

Also, this will be the last episode to credit Nicollette Sheridan (Edie Britt) as a series regular.

ABC confirmed a sixth season on April 24, 2009. The sixth season of Desperate Housewives, is expected to be produced in 2009 and to premiere on ABC in the fall of 2009. It will take place in the years of 2014-2015 following the five year jump in season 5.

Like I’ve said Edie Britt will not be featured as part of the principal cast. The four main casts Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher), Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman), Bree Van de Kamp (Marcia Cross), and Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria Parker) – and the series’ narrator, Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong), are all expected to return as regular castmembers next season given that they were contracted for the whole show’s run.  But new Housewife Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany) is also expected to return, as she has been contracted for at least three seasons. Kathryn Joosten is expected to either retain her recurring role as Karen McCluskey, join the principal cast or join Lily Tomlin in a possible Desperate Housewives spin-off.

Also, Julie (Andrea Bowen) will be back. Karl (Richard Burgi) will be back for many episodes. And Maiara Walsh will be a series regular as Gabrielle’s niece Ana.

Anyway, I’m still trying to find a way to watch Desperate Housewives Season 5 Finale Online.

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  1. I want to know how you know Lynette is going to have a abortion. is there any website that stats this if yes i would like to see. And if i wasent mistaken by the end of the season finale Lynette was still pregnant so please dont go spreading rummors witout proof beacuse i would love for lynette to stay pregnant

  2. im positive who mikes new bride is but im thinking its susan.
    i sure lynette keeps the babys but i have hered some rumors of her putting them up for adotion and bree adopting them i think this is just a rumor thought …any one got any spoiler for series six post them plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz im dieing to know what happenes with carl and bree and orson tnx…:)

  3. I’m sure, that Mike’s new bride is Kathrin , but Susan – his lover . I don’t think that Lynette is going ti have an abortion , it won’t be interesting.
    I like Karl and Bree in couple 😀

  4. Wow Season 5 Ended leaving us all thinking wtf who when why?? Well i wonna know if any 1 has anything Please thoguh i can answerquestions two my theory is mike married susan i watched the end bit 7 times over and observed the bride i saw the back of her through her vale thier was brunette/black hair Susan maybe??? But How could he do that to Kathyren! Presis her contract is valad for this season six she has to e here for something right? And someone is going to return mid season the question is whom?? 😛 😀

    Paul didnt kill falesha tilmen remember she framed paul by cutting her fingers off to frame paul who if we remember he got a 10 year serve that ws in seaon two its been 7 years and hiding in the mountians either of them cold return or it could be zach yet obsessed about another housewife? we dont know orrr!… if we think about it season two the apple whites who kept kaleb in the basement or marc cherry it was nothing two impartant aboutt he return so it could be someone who just spontainiously left! now bree and carl make a good erotic couple and im sure marc has made them like this for a season susan had carl bree had orsan they had eachother EVREYBODYS HAD SOMEBODY!! Now lynette, lynette roumers are going around thiers an abortan ahead it kills her well we dont know im sure after poping 4 kids out then growing another 2 and poping them out and NOT Had reached menopuase might do the trick! meantally so its like wow well anyway im so exited but if any one else can tell me anythnig that would be awesome!!

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