MIAS Turns the Ignition on Innovation

If there’s a pilgrimage that all Filipino enthusiasts have to go through to attain motoring nirvana, it would have to be the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS).

Considered as the country’s biggest motoring event, the Manila International Auto show is set to surpass itself in its 5th installment and milestone year set to be held at the World Trade Center from April 2-5.

With the theme ‘Passion for Performance‘, the 2009 MIAS is set to provide a preview of the latest vehicles in almost every automobile segment, with several significant debuts breaking cover. Here’s a preview of what to expect in the most innovative MIAS to date:

Welcoming Mass-Market Filipino Electric Cars

Who would have thought the day would come when not only cell phones but also cars would come with chargers?
As its initial offering, Filipino company EVnnovations will be introducing the REVAi Electric Car in the 2009 MIAS. The REVAi It is a small compact hatch that comfortably seats 2 adults. Designed to zip through congested, urban roads such as those in Metro Manila, the REVAi is powered by eight 6-volt lead-acid batteries. Fully charging the batteries, which takes only eight hours, will allow the car to travel a maximum of 80 kilometers — more than sufficient for the average distance traveled daily by city dwellers.

Launching of 5 Value Car Brands

With growing concerns over fuel and economy, value cars have slowly been overtaking the country’s major thoroughfares. Their strategy? Having a price that’s significantly less than traditional models with value and specifications acceptable to the market.

These brands are Chana, Chery, Foton, Great Wall and Lifan. With a growing number of dealerships nationwide, their relatively lower price and usage cost are poised to make a presence in the Philippine market.

Seeing Stunt precision driver Russ Swift in action

People are often asked ‘what do you drive?’ but for Russ Swift, the right question seems to be ‘what can’t you drive?’
The Guinness World Record holder of the fastest donut spin, tightest J-turn and speediest parallel parking (2 seconds flat), Russ Swift is considered as the driving hero of enthusiasts and motoring professionals alike. For the third and last time Russ Swift returns to MIAS behind the wheel of the all-new Subaru Impreza sedan and WRX STI.

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