Twice The Music Experience at Eastwood City

March 13, 2009 — Two big acts in one day and in one exciting place. It was really twice the music experience as the Asia’s Songbird and the 80s premiere rock band performed at Eastwood City, Libis.

Regine Velasquez serenaded the crowd at Eastwood Mall Open Park. I’m not a Regine fan, but I really enjoyed the show. I felt that love was still in the air while Regine was on the stage. Regine’s enchanting voice and the scenic backdrop of the new Eastwood Mall Open Park set a romantic mood in Eastwood Mall Open Park.

I remember a girl shouted “I love you Regine”. And Regine replied, “I love you too” with the rock on hand sign. We learned that the girl was actually from the United States and came by to Eastwood Mall just to see Regine.

Marvin Augustin was also there to witness the free concert of the Asia’s Songbird. But it end up, Regine asking Marvin for a dance.

Anyway, the free concert was part of Regine’s mall tours for her latest album, Low-Key which got a platinum award last February. Regine performed 8 songs:

1. Clouds Across The Moon
2. At Seventeen
3. Of All The Things
4. Ako’y Iyong Iyo
5. Tell Me That You Love Me
6. And I Love You So
7. Ako’y Sayo
8. I Will Survive, Move with the Music, Last Dance (remix)

After Regine’s concert, we headed to the Eastwood City Walk’s Central Plaza for the launching of The Dawn‘s latest album under MCA Music titled “The Later Half of Day“.

Unlike in Eastwood Mall Open Park (during Regine’s concert), the Eastwood City Walk’s Central Plaza is perfect for the The Dawn’s concert. The place was surrounded by teenagers and yuppies hanging out.

The Dawn showcased their own unique versions of unforgettable tunes like The Police’s “Message in A Bottle”, I Melt With You, Enveleoped Ideas and more. The Dawn continues to show why they remain to be one of the most undisputable icons in the entertainment industry and the legends in the music scene.

These concerts were Eastwood Mall’s way of showing its continuous effort of promoting world-class OPM artists this 2009. Thanks to Eastwood City.

Also, thanks to Azrael, and Ms. Tinay Magtira for the VIP seats.

I really had a blast that night.

If you want to know more about Eastwood City or you want to check their events schedule, you may visit:

More Pictures:

Regine Velasquez serenades the crowd at Eastwood Mall Open Park

The Dawn’s performance at the Eastwood City Walk Central Plaza

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