With a distinct, evolving history that began nearly half a century ago, Havaianas certainly has a good reason to take pride in its heritage.

It was, after all, an original—it was the first to combine the simplicity of the Japanese Zori with the glamorous, laid-back ease of a tropical aesthetic. It championed innovation in terms of comfort and durability through the use of its secret rubber formula, the same one that is still used to produce the pairs we know today. It was also the leading catalyst that led an unassuming pair of flip-flops to become the international symbol of bohemian chic.

Not only has Havaianas grown to become a category unto itself, it has also risen to represent the ideals and values behind being original—and in the recent launch at the North Court of Power Plant Mall, Rockwell last March 4, it gathered hundreds to make a stand for the same cause.

Havaianas is a brand that prides itself on its integrity and originality—and as a company, we are making a stand for the same values that allowed Havaianas to become what it is today,” explains Anne Gonzalez, Managing Director for Terry S.A., the exclusive distributor of Havaianas in the Philippines.

In partnership with Rock Ed, a youth oriented, non-profit organization that encourages and supports alternative education, Havaianas asked the invitees, “Are You Original?” and donated 470 pesos for every pledge made for originality in support of Rock Ed’s Original Grant—a project designed to encourage socio-civic support from the youth. The amount of 470 pesos is based on the age of Havaianas, which was born 47 years ago in the sunny shores of Brazil.

Rock Ed is an organization that nurtures original thinkers and empowers the youth to make a difference. which is why we wanted to support this particular initiative that basically gives kids a blank canvas to think of unique and original ways on how to make a difference,” says Gonzalez.

“There are a lot of socio-civic initiatives out there, but I personally believe that art and creativity is a universal language that is most especially appreciated by today’s kids,” explains Rock Ed founder Gang Badoy. “We wanted to empower them to make a difference within a sphere that they love, like music, film, art—basically anything, and the more original they are with it, the better.”

Parties interested in receiving the Original Grant can send their original project ideas to myidea@rockedphilippines.org on or before April 4, 2009. The grant is open to individuals or groups aged 13 to 32 years old. The project ideas must be youth-involved and youth-targeted, and will be judged on their originality, social relevance, impact on the intended beneficiary and the votes that they garner on the multiply site. Gonzalez and Badoy will both serve as judges.

There will be multiple recipients of the grant, from three different divisions: high school, college and professional. The amount to be granted to each body will be determined by the number of people who will pledge their originality during the launch of the Havaianas Original campaign.

I’ll post the mechanics soon.

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