Wow Mali! makes a nationwide comeback on TV5

The original award-winning and top-rated gag show makes a huge comeback this year with a new flavor on TV5!

On May 25, 1996, the country got its first taste of unpretentious, candidly captured-for-TV Filipino humor with the premiering of the reality-based original prank show Wow Mali!, hosted by veteran comedian Joey De Leon, on ABC5. And now, the comedy show returns to the airwaves of TV5 with a sole promise of delivering bigger and more hilarious entertainment with the objective of making the entire Philippines laugh!

Still captained by master prankster Joey De Leon as the host and mastermind of Wow Mali! antics, the show now literally covers a wider scope of comedy as it travels all over the country to make sure that the entire Philippines gets cracked by the classic Wow Mali! pranks.

Hopping from one province to another, Wow Mali! on its pilot episode goes all the way from south to north Luzon to catch Filipinos in candid camera fall prey in bizarre and funny situations. Some of the areas that were covered with pranks are Bicol, Pampanga, Baguio, Laoag, Vigan, and Quezon province.

Yet, Wow Mali! still keeps its loyalty to its original style of featuring a plethora of video footage showing practical jokes, bloopers, and wacky segments. The show also follows up on its classic celebrity set-up and pranks, with TV5’s Midnight DJ Oyoboy Sotto as the celebrity victim whose leg gets pulled off by his Tito Joey on the show’s pilot episode.

Witness the Philippines being shaken by Wow Mali, returning with “bigger, better, and wronger” entertainment and laugh out loud with Joey and the entire country every Sunday, 6 p.m. on TV5.

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