Here’s the updated calendar of events for the Baguio Flower FestivalPanagbenga2009 celebration.


February 1: Grand Opening (Melvin Jones) | Field Demonstration (Athletic Bowl)

February 1 – March 8: Market Encounter | Landscaping Contest (Burnham Park)

February 14: Fluvial Parade (Burnham Lake)

February 22: Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom (Melvin Jones)**

February 23-25: Legarda Rocks (Legarda Road)**

February 26-28: Abanao Nights (Abanao Street)

February 28: GRAND STREET PARADE (Session Road) | Field Demonstration (Athletic Bowl)


March 2-8: Session Road in Bloom (Session Road)

March 8: Closing Ceremony (Athletic Bowl)


February 1 & 8: MUNAY: Music of the Andes (SM City Baguio)

February 6-8: Vintage Car Show (SM)

February 7: Fashionista Season 5 Presentation (SM)

February 9 – March 8: Flower up your Hat Competition (SM)

February 12-14: Valentine Concert-Baguio Centennial Event (Children’s Playground, Burnham Park)

February 13: Camera Walls (Band) Mall Tour (SM)

February 13: Baguio in Bloom | Mosaic Painting (Melvin Jones)

February 14: A Valentine Serenade with Ramil Omosura (SM)

February 14: Valentine Events with Music of the Heart Orchestra (SM)

February 15: Sail On: The Currahee Tour III (Baguio Convention Center)

February 20: Up Dharma Down (Band) Mall Tour (SM)

February 21: Kenyo (Band) Mall Show (SM)

February 21: Mr. & Ms. Panagbenga 2009 Muscle Showdown (Baguio Convention Center)

February 22: Skabeche (Band) Mall Tour (SM)

February 22: Lito Camo and Kalzada (Band) Mall Show (SM)

February 26-28: IPMS and AirSoft Exhibit (Baguio Country Club)

February 27: iFM Pop Fiesta (Athletic Bowl)

February 27: Kapuso Mall Tour (SM)**

February 28 & March 1: 2nd BAC Panagbenga AirSoft Challenge (Different Venues)

February 28: Greenwich Presents Meet and Greet John Lhoyd Cruz (SM)**

March 1: Kapamilya Karavan (SM)**

March 5-6: Pony Boys Day (Melvin Jones)

March 6: K-lite in Bloom: First Baguio Music Fest (SM)

March 7: SM Floriade Street Party featuring Side A**

March 7-8: 2009 Panagbenga Speed Ball Challenge (Athletic Bowl)

March 8: LUAU and Fireworks Display (SM)

**to be confirmed


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