The other day I mentioned that I will start working today. Being stay at home wife for a long time, I was lazy to woke up this morning.  I set my alarm at 8am but I stood up around 8:30 am.  I was supposed to be at the office at 9am.  However, I arrived 10 am.  From 10 aam to 12 noon, I was making my own light box for my photo shoot.

Around 12:30 pm, my aunt and my mom arrived.  We had our lunch together.   I decided to stay to finish my photo shoot.  I was really busy taking pictures of the products.  Then my cousin asks for merienda.  That’s the time I realized it was already 3 in the afternoon.

After our snack, my husband arrived and continued the photo shoot.  I helped my sister to do some paperworks.  Time flies when you are busy.

Around 6 pm, we had our dinner together before we go home. I think I gain weight for my first day in my new job. So I guess I need the best weight loss pills. For sure, if I stay longer in my aunt’s office I’ll be double my size.

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