Aeirin is Back to Work

I talked to my uncle online. He is a Seattle injury lawyer. He mentioned that even in the United States, they can feel the economic crisis. The economic crisis has many businesses thinking about downsizing their workforces. The employment structure became increasingly fragile.

I took his advice to accept my auntie’s offer.  So starting on Monday, I’ll be working again.  The good thing about my work, it will not be a 8 hour job.  I should be at the office by 9 am.  Then I can go home once my aunt arrives (around 1pm).  In short, I can still go to some events.  Yipee!  I also asked my aunt, if I can go if ever I have an event to attend in the morning, and she said YES!!!

And one more thing, all I have to do is answer the phone and check some paper works.  Then, my aunt said I can use the PC for my blogging.  Isn’t it a cool job?

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