A Day at TV5 LIVE Shake Mo TV Mo Caravan


January 3, 2009, TV5 welcomed the year with TV5 LIVE Shake Mo TV Mo Caravan. Together with my family, I witnessed how TV5 shakes the ground with fun shows and games.

The thought of caravan reminds me of kids. So when I learned that TV5 will have a caravan, I asked my niece to come with me.

Upon entering the venue, you could feel the fun already. Booths, gaming booths, arcades were everywhere. Celebrities, anime cosplayers, models and more were also around to interact with guests.

Around 3 in the afternoon, on-stage entertainment started with bubble show. After the bubble show, a ventriloquist showcased his talents with puppet. You can see in the eyes of the kids that they were enjoying the show.

When the ventriloquist show ended, it was time for the most awaited Barney and Friends show. Kids were so excited. I could hear some singing along with Barney’s song. Then the Barney and friends meet and greet followed, of course we would not miss this opportunity. So we fell in line with the kids, and patiently waited for our turn.

On-stage entertainment did not stop with the Barney show, Talentadong Pinoy entertained their audience. Celebrities like Roxanne Ginoo, Ariana Barouk, the cast of Lipgloss also preformed on stage. While Oyo Boy Sotto, Bangs Garcia, Jon Avila, Victor Basa gave away some iPods.

Also, Duster, Imago and Sandwich rocked the night away. I totally had fun that night.

For those who missed the caravan, this is only the beginning. TV5 LIVE Caravan is set to journey to six different destinations this year. TV5 Senior VP for Brand Management, Jasper Evangelista, said that the TV5 LIVE Caravan is expecting to meet and greet thousands of audiences “as an expression of the station’s gratitude and thanks” to its supporters. “We are very excited about this. TV5 is very thankful for the positive reception it earns from viewers and for the very favorable ratings, keeping us at a strong number three position in Philippine TV.”

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