One Night Only

Written and directed by Jose Javier Reyes, One Night Only is a story that happened in one night about five different girl characters. It is a comedy of errors involving the wacky shenanigans of several characters who end up in the same seedy motel on the same night.

One Night Only stars and their roles:
JASMINE (Katrina Halili) is a playgirl who juggles multiple boyfriends, all of them affluent old men. She is set to fly to Macau with her new Chinese lover when her hot-blooded benefactor, CONGRESSMAN FACUNDO (Ricky Davao), decides tonight is the night he will have his “return on investment.”

Movie hunk DIEGO (Paolo Contis) is in hot water after beating up a pesky entertainment reporter, MELITON (Ogie Diaz), for exposing his shady past. This doesn’t stop him from setting his lascivious sights on an easy target on the set of the movie he is shooting—a naïve-looking extra named ANGELA (Alessandra de Rossi).

Diego’s best friend PONS (Jon Avila), a studly advertising executive, is on his way to a hot date with VICKY (Valerie Concepcion), an adventurous chick he met in Boracay. But an emergency marathon meeting in the office throws him for a loop, delaying his rendezvous with Vicky, who unknown to him is the girlfriend of Congressman Facundo’s chief of staff, BARNEY (Jason Gainza).

Jasmine’s friend VIVIAN (Diana Zubiri) was Pons’ date last night. She’s a romantic at heart, but Jasmine convinces her of the virtues of being sexually aggressive. So she regrets that she played hard to get with Pons and wants to make amends. Thanks to the error of Pons’ harassed secretary, she ends up going to the same motel at the appointed time as his date with Vicky!

EDWARD (Chokoleit), the gay hairdresser of Congressman Facundo’s wife, has also been playing the role of benefactor—to NESTOR (Joross Gamboa), a financially challenged man he befriended on an Internet chatroom. Like the Congressman, Edward has decided that tonight is the night he should reap the sexual rewards of his financial investment.

GEORGE (Manilyn Reynes), a bull dyke, is the talent coordinator on the set of Diego’s movie. She threatens to commit suicide when her supposed girlfriend ELVIE (Jennylyn Mercado), a makeup artist and a cousin of Vicky’s, breaks up with her. Elvie is determined to live a normal lifestyle, but she accepts George’s invitation to go to a motel to talk her out of her suicidal state.

In a motel called Lovers’ Hideaway, chaos and confusion ensue as these characters figure in all sorts of hilarious hi-jinks…for one night only.

To be honest, I was not really expecting anything from this movie, but it turned out that I enjoyed watching it. I love the role of Chokoleit. I really couldn’t hold the hard laughing with every Chokoleit’s scene.

I also love Alex’ role. Alex plays a promdi fan of Diego (Paolo). If you see her, she’s like a virgin “manang” who doesn’t know anything about sex. But I was surprised to see on the later part of the movie that she’s not a “manang”.

So this Holiday season, have yourself a naughty little Christmas with One Night Only, OctoArts Films’ official entry to the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival! This sex comedy is headlined by five of the Philippines’ hottest leading ladies today: Katrina Halili, Diana Zubiri, Jennylyn Mercado, Valerie Concepcion, and Alessandra de Rossi. The movie’s adult theme seems to go against the grain of the traditional children’s fare of fantasy and horror that the festival is known for. One Night Only is a date movie for teenagers and adults looking for something different this Christmas season. And they are in for a non-stop laugh-out-loud treat with what may well be the funniest movie they’ll ever see in a long time. The stellar cast also includes Ricky Davao, Manilyn Reynes, Jon Avila, Paolo Contis, Ogie Diaz, Chokoleit, and Jason Gainza.

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