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If you have noticed, I only had a few posts on this blog and my other blogs. Not only I was in Batangas last Saturday, but also because the whole day, I was helping my husband setting up his new blog. I bought him a new domain from http://www.techsterr.info/ to http://www.techsterr.com/ He’s so excited about his new blog that he even called in sick to his office. He was awake {almost} the whole day. And of course, being his wife, I was am very supportive to what he was doing.

But during my free time, I finished the mechanics of my contest.  So, my contest is up now.  You may check it here. I hope you can join.

Anyway, it’s past 12 AM now.  I’m really tired.  I need to some sleep.  Then tomorrow, I’ll be out in the morning to go to the bank and to the car shop to look for a steering rack. My dad asked me to get one for our van.

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