When SAHMone Speaks Meme #18


What would you do if you found out that your partner cheats on you?

We’ve been together for almost 5 years, and our relationship is not perfect, like what Mitch said, “there’s no such as perfect relationship.”  And cheating is not new to our relationship.  I can say from my experience, to have your loved one cheat on you, it’s really devastating.

When I learned that he cheated on me, being an emotional person, I cried buckets of tears.  {I’m a cry baby.}  Then, I confronted him. Though, it was hard to hear the truth, I wanted it straight from his mouth. I didn’t want to hear the answers from others.  It’s between the two of us.

But because I love him so much, {or should I say matibay ang helmet na binigay nya sakin}, I forgave him over and over again.

I guess I would need to pay more attention to how our relationship.

How about you? What would you do if you found out that your partner cheats on you? Join us in When SAHMone Speaks Meme

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  1. If I am given a chance to go backwards, I’d rather choose not to know the details, especially the “pag-amin” part.

    It still haunts me. Sometimes, mas mabuti talagang wala kang alam. Although some women prefer na malaman, ako ayaw ko coz I’ve been there and it’s hard to cope up. Madali magpatawad but to actually move on and heal the pain, I guess it’ll be forever there, every time you look back, nakakanti yung sugat.

    Mitch’s last blog post..When SAHMone Speaks Meme #18

  2. Actually, I had confrontations na din sa MGA girls.. dami eh.. minsan nga manhid nko.. Naniniwala na ako sa saying once a cheater, always a cheater.

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