When SAHMone Speaks #17: Important Dates

When SAHMone Speaks

Does your partner remember important dates such as anniversaries and birthday or do you keep a calendar to remind him?

Though I mentioned on my previous entry for When SAHMone Speaks that we always celebrate our anniversaries or monthsaries, my husband does not remember those special occasions. Unlike me, he is the person who tends to forget things especially dates.  I have to set an alarm or reminder on his cellphone so he won’t forget.  I remember our first year together as boyfriend-girlfriend, he wanted to impress me by remembering my birthday.  Too bad, he set his reminder 3 days late.  My birthday is April 23, then he set his alarm to April 26. He even blamed me that.  He was accusing me of changing his alarm on purpose. I said, “Why would I do that?”  Then he remembered that he really set the alarm on April 26, not April 23.

Speaking of special occasions, my cousin is getting married a month from now and I haven’t lose a pound. I think it’s time to look for Orovo Diet Pill.

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