Snow World Manila

After our family lunch out, my cousin Karen invited us to go to Snow World Manila. I’ve seen Snow World Manila on television and I find it interesting, so we all agreed to come.

Snow World Manila, located at Star City, features the Ice carvings of World Ice Sculpture Arts Champions. Winter Wonderland Entertainment partnered with Star City to bring the Snow World from Indonesia to Manila.

Upon entering the place, I was really amazed by the real snow, real ice sculpture and real ice slide! Not too mention, I was really freezing. The entire place was -15 degrees Celsius, could you imagine how cold it is? Anyway, we skipped the ice sculptures and headed directly to the main attraction, the 68 meters long ice slide. Everyone wanted to try the slide, so it took us time before we can experience the fun. It was really cold, I felt my feet started to get numb. (I was only wearing slippers). Maybe after 10 minutes of wait, our turn came. To be honest, I’m afraid of slides, but this is a one-time experience, so why not try it. I positioned myself and getting ready to slide, but I felt my heart was beating so fast, then my dad pushed me…. I just screamed and screamed but not because of fright, but because I was enjoying it. Even my Dad and Uncle Nenad tried the slide. It was really fun.

Too bad cameras are not allowed, so we had our photo taken by Snow World’s photographer. (100 per photo)

Above photo: (Left to right) Jeri, my cousin Karen, Me, my brother Nikko, my sister Kiss, and Uncle Nenad. Above us: my husband Monch and my dad.
On this picture: (Standing – Left to right) My dad, Nikko, my husband and Jeri
(sitting – left to right) Kiss, me, Karen and Uncle Nenad

We only stay there for 1 hour because we cant stand the coldness anymore. But it was definitely an experience to remember.

For those who want to experience the fun, you may visit Snow World Manila at Star City CCP Complex. Entrance is only P160.00

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