Get Whiter, Younger Skin With Thiocell from Brady Pharma

Glutathione or products containing glutathione are one of the most in demand products today. This is because most of us, Filipinos, have a notion that when you have a whiter skin or having a “mestiza/mestizo” complexion, you are beautiful. For this reason, whitening products – from whitening lotion, cream, and soap and other beauty products, even pharmaceuticals are now becoming popular.

In drugstores, it is not uncommon to hear a customer asking for a tablet or capsule that contains glutathione. Actually, there are several brands that sell this such as the Thiocell from Brady Pharma, Inc.


Thiocell promises to be the most effective in whitening and anti-aging product in the market to-date because of its unique combination of selenium, glutathione, and vitamin C. This unique combination replenishes the glutathione levels in the body and maintains it. Thiocell is in chewable Lozenges, which ensures that the glutathione is absorbed through the oral cavity instead of in the stomach, thereby ensuring faster and maximum absorption. Plus, the grape flavour makes it pleasurable to dissolve in the mouth. But aside from its whitening and anti-aging benefits, Thiocell also is beneficial for diabetic patients with fatty liver. Thiocell does not contain alcohol or animal products, and contains no added sugar, starch, wheat, preservatives, or artificial flavor.


Just like everybody else, I am also into “whitening rituals” and I plan to include Thiocell in my beauty regimen because I really want to have a whiter, younger skin. I’ll post my review about this after I try Thiocell as soon as possible.

By the way, Thiocell Glutathione is only PhP 2,400 (SRP) for 30 chewable tablets per bottle.

To know more about Brady Pharma Inc. and Thiocell Glutathione visit their website and like them on Facebook.

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