Passionate Blogger’s Creed

I believe in pursuing one’s passion.
And blogging purely for passion.

I believe that each person has a story to tell.
And their stories are as important as mine’s.

I believe in supporting talents,
in things lovingly made by hands, and heart.

I will continue to blog no matter how many people visit my site,
or how many people will leave messages.

I will continue to share my story,
and sprinkle some lessons and inspiration here and there.

I will build a happy community among those that
I constantly read, support, learn and take inspiration from.

You have read the Passionate Blogger’s Creed. Thanks to Pinay Mommy Online, I learned about a great site called The Passionate Blogger. It’s a blog or a directory of passionate bloggers that advocates the passion in blogging and added the Passionate Blogger Button to their sites. This is a wonderful advocacy in spreading the message about passion in blogging.

Since writing is my passion, I decided to join this advocacy. I am a firm believer in the Passionate Blogger’s Creed. Blogging is my way of sharing my stories to others. I hope I serve as an inspiration to them and I hope they will learn something from my blog.

So if you are a passionate blogger like me, join this advocacy and support the the Passionate Blogger by clicking the banner below. Thanks


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  1. wena says:

    thanks for sharing this, sis! I already joined the Passionate Blogger advocacy!

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