Apple Bottom Jeans: Why Real Women Love Them

The Apple Bottom clothing line, designed by hip-hop artist Nelly, grew increasingly popular after the song “Low” was released by Flo Rida. However, most women already knew that Apple Bottom jeans were designed with them in mind. The clothing line was never intended as a line of clothing for the stick-thin woman. It was designed specifically for the woman with curves. Real women everywhere picked up on this and were already wearing the jeans when Flo Rida released its popular club song.

What makes the line of clothing different is the fact that it’s designed with real women in mind. In addition to making you look and feel great, the clothes line teaches women that it’s okay to flaunt their curves. With so many clothing options out there, it’s hard to stand out, but this line teaches women to express themselves in a positive manner, and be proud of who they are and what they have. It has taken a huge step in the fashion industry and created clothing based on designs that many plus-sized women have always envied, in sizes that flatter their shape.

Women love Apple Bottom jeans for many reasons, but typically those who are pear-shaped love the idea of putting on jeans that fit both the waist and the bottom. They don’t have to worry that their panties are showing every time they sit down, and that is a huge plus. Full-figured women no longer have to wear clothes that are sizes too big to hide the things they want hidden. Instead, they turn to the fashion label that provides stylish and sexy attire in sizes that were made to fit them. While most of the fashion industry has yet to embrace the fact that real women have curves, Apple Bottom not only recognizes it, but designs clothes that help women be proud of who they are.

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  1. honestly, i am not very picky with jeans. my only concern is that, they fit snugly. i have tried many branded jeans that could not seem to fit me well, as opposed to those really cheap ones that feel comfy, haha at least they’re cheap!

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