The Curtain Rises for The Thea…

The Curtain Rises for The Theatre at Solaire

Solaire Resort and Casino announces the opening of THE THEATRE at Solaire this November; a new state-of-the-ar… Read More
Iris Mejia-Acosta 08/08/2014
Vigan City as a Wonder City of…

Vigan City as a Wonder City of the World

A couple of years ago, the Underground River of Puerto Princesa made it to the list of New7Wonders of Nature,… Read More
Iris Mejia-Acosta 07/24/2014
Philippine holidays for 2015

Philippine holidays for 2015

The much-anticipated list of official holidays was released by Malacañang. Filipinos can now plan their vacations months earlier, especially with eight long weekends expected next year. REGU… Read More
Iris Mejia-Acosta 07/23/2014
Acme Made Back To School Promo

Acme Made Back To School Promo

Reward yourself with Acme Made Back to School promo. Buy any Macbook Air and Macbook Pro to receive 50% off gi… Read More
Iris Mejia-Acosta 06/22/2014
Life Schooling and Parenting A…

Life Schooling and Parenting Advice by Gladys Reyes and…

“The most important thing you should do is be there whenever your children need you the most,” shared Gladys R… Read More
Iris Mejia-Acosta 06/12/2014

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